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Brazil won’t help paralyzed Olympian, Bitcoin will.


Brazil won’t help paralyzed Olympian, Bitcoin will.

The Brazilian Olympic skier, and former gymnast, Lais Souza, was paralyzed after suffering a serious accident in the United States while she was training for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) denied a link with the athlete, announcing that the athlete was still being prepared, hence, she wasn’t yet classified to go to the winter Olympic games, even though her chances were pretty good, she was being expected to go, as it happened to her training partner, Josi Santos.

After an official statement from COB was published, Brazilian people started a national fundraising campaign for Lais Souza to help her paying for her medical treatment as well as with the wheelchair adaptation required for her home and car.

Headed by Alex Ferreira, a well known community member since 2011, the Brazilian Bitcoin community has also decided joining the fundraising campaign to help Lais.

A new wallet was created for the campaign:

Bitcoin:   1k8At2Pk6wMf8vtQZdTrjd9wELC4b47G7

Dogecoin: DSpScUNEietxYKkVUgXiFhf33cbMpthqw4

Litecoin: LSdficz7o3xPxVRuSzGvyPx8n2RhQwn8Hw

The Bitcoin fundraising campaign is being done in the clearest possible way so the donors can be sure that all the payments are being direct to Lais Souza only.

Moreover, Andre Horta, of the Brazilian exchange, has offered his Bitcoin exchange’s services to convert bitcoins (without any fees) into (Brazilian) Reais before handling funds to Lais.

To find out how much has been donated so far, please click here: 




Any donation is welcome.

We believe that if a good chunk of the Bitcoin community in Brazil, which is estimated today between 10 and 20 thousand users, decide to donate just 1 milliBit (R$ 1.50) that would make a huge difference for Lais.

Furthermore, we also believe that, since the campaign was created by the Brazilian people and, as the whole country is aware of Lais’ issues, we can have a big and positive impact for the Bitcoin’s image.

The cost for a tetraplegic is expected to reach $ 6500 per month here in Brazil, $77300 per year,  Lais is 25 years old today, the next decade should cost at least $ 800,000. Not to mention all the family environment that will be required.

Please donate and help us spread the Bitcoin love.

Check what kind of athlete is Lais:


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